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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Loved... finally

They sat inches apart from each other, on the same bench overlooking the riverfront where they met for the first time. On the tepid summer evening, they sat in silence; no one spoke a word in minutes.

They didn’t have to.

Both knew they had something more between them than they admitted. He knew from his past that it wasn’t anything new and anything that hadn’t faded away before.

”What’s to say it won’t now?” his thoughts screamed as they looked into each other's eyes for the first time in the evening. Time stopped, heartbeats raced.

“I don’t want to lose this”, Stephanie’s vulnerable eyes were too honest to be needed figuring out.

“You make me happy & hopeful. But can I trust this?” responded the tired and unsure eyes of Rodney’s.

Stef made the first move, she knew she had to. She remembers Rod saying her how he is tired of pursuing someone and wants to be pursued instead; in one of their “meetings”. They never called it a date. “We are friends”, they lied to their hearts and to each other.

No more lying.”  Stef made up her mind.

Taking Rodney’s hand she held it, not speaking a word. She knows Rodney’s lovesick heart had yearned years for the feeling. She knew it when she felt him holding hers back with his full manly force.

“Ouch! Rod…” was the first real expression of feeling that came out in that evening.  Realising she scared her love she quickly took charge again. “Geez I am not going anywhere now”, her shy words were an example of her quick wit that always made Rod drool about her.

There was a pause. “That’s it, I’m going in”, Stef’s heart pushed her brain aside.

“Rodney, I love you. I have been for quite some time now. And I need you to know it”

Those words were enough to burn down Rod’s manly defences and years of pain and loneliness shed down in form of a single tear. “I am loved too” Rodney’s senses melted upon hearing his Stef speak.

Stef was quick to move her hands across his face. Her eyes shining themselves.

It took a while, but Rod knew what he had to say

“Stephanie, I love you too. I was waiting for you to say it all this time” was his honest and innocent response

A nervous Rod kissed her forehead, and turned back to watch the river flow in silence.

This time, Stef held his arm. Rod's heartbeat raced, he was finally held.

And Rod could finally rest his head on the shoulders of someone who loves him.

"No more running"

“It’s a wonderful world… what a wonderful world”

Dedicated to Rodney and Stephanie. Your love gives us hope.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


“Life’s hard”
”Life doesn’t excuse”
”Life is a struggle”
”Believe, strive”
”Never give up”


We’ve heard all the theories, all philosophies. Most of us have been through books urging us to go on, in the face of all adversities. Paulo Coelho says us to desire something so that the universe can conspire us to get it.

Call me cynical, I don’t believe it to always work. The World works in ways too mysterious for us to write off in just a feel-good sentence.

We hope, we persevere, we struggle to achieve something we always  thought we deserved. We fight to win a battle, to win a argument, to win someone’s heart. We don’t always succeed. Yet something, a voice, mysterious, whispers inside us to go on. And we keep going on.

But how long is more than enough? How much effort is more than required? How much is too much?

There are times when you give your everything. When you are so done that the result of your efforts can't even compensate your exhaustion, be it negative. You give so much to something, and you are so tired of giving, you just have to let go. Ease away gracefully before it squeezes your soul, your beliefs, makes you gasp for breath.

Sometimes you have let someone else win the argument, you have to let someone win a ego-battle, you have to stop convincing someone to give their heart. You need to let go. You need to take your closure.

You should acknowledge yourself that you have proven everything you have to prove to yourself and to your God. You're a hero even if you lose. And if you feel that things can't go any worse now, you're right, because things will only get better from now on.

Say yourself, "Well done! I am proud of you. I am proud to be you" and move on. You deserve a closure.

Live long, let go, and prosper. The world is beautiful even for the people who have tried and lost.

P. S. – Dedicated to those who find it tough to let go. May God bless your souls