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Sunday, August 12, 2012

A broken soul’s call to the Grim Reaper




Oh Grim Reaper, thou I call upon today shattered,
Near you I confess with my complete sane.
The World has left no meaning for this soul battered,
It has only given this man an endless surge of pain.

A lifetime of selflessness now pays its painful price,
Good never happens to good people, its just white lies
Life for this frail human is an unending fruitless strife
In death lies the peace this tired flesh now desires

Life is now a bruise which the strike of your blade can heal
Being alive is more than a burden this frail soul can take
The sweet feeling of the end of life is I want to feel
Give me the slumber from which I shall never awake

Hear & pity this soul's shout, scream and moan
Save it, take it into your abode of peace and silence
For they say that happiness is in the World beyond the known
And they say death will dissolve all problems, end this menace

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