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Friday, February 10, 2012

Oh Heart….


Oh Heart, why are you filled with tears?
Why are your beat sounds appalled with fears?
Is it because you’re feeling pain in love?
Do you feel your love needs more blessings from Above?

Oh Heart, why are you crying out loud?
Like a thunderstorm, your sulking moans sound,
Are you lonely and feel disowned by affection?
Do you love someone and can’t bear the obsession?

Love is a brute force which heals and hurts,
Have faith on your feelings without ifs and buts.
One day, you will find joy in that love again,
God’s writing the script, etching it to your beats, giving you pain

True love always wakes up to a sunshine new,
Your tears will soon become a good morning’s dew,
Love loves to love love, that’s the divine truth,
Who believes in the magic of love, enjoys its sweet fruit.

So why cry, why beat like a thunder raging loud?
Why not win her soul with your love’s sweet sound?
So why this thunderstorm, this beating with fear?
Oh, my aching Heart, why are you filled with tears?

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