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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Fallen Goddess


Revered was she by a man, her devotee lone,
her heart was the one he called his own.
Once the North Star of his blind soul,
withering, she left him, trapped in life's black hole.

Fallen she has from his heart's Cathedral,
now but remnants of aura once infallible.
Errs moulded into a sinned dark demon,
cursed her heart to be a weak wavering human,

Fell she did for passions blasphemic,
ending a love story poised to be an epic.
Shattered were those dreams like glass gaunt,
throes of her broken promises do him still haunt.

Moved on he has ever since that Armageddon,
yet past memories still are a hauled burden.
When confined to solitude his void heart does confess,
forever in his eyes she remains, The Fallen Goddess.


Diptiman...King Of Spike said...

photo ta bhala heichi...kintu as pura bujhparilini..:( :P

Pooja said...

Beautifully written ! Awesome piece !

shradha said...

wow!! :)

Swarupa Rani Sahu said...

A different tinge!! Loved it...:)

nishi said...

perfect abashment! amazing wrk!!


its like a view from a new angle to the most popular theme of poetry......was a gud learning experience :)

sowmya said...

lovely poem well written :)