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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baba Ramdev’s externment and other Congresslilas


Woke up to a very shocking news with Baba Ramdev and his supporters being “externed” from the Ramlila Grounds in New Delhi as early as 1 AM in the morning. Delhi Police imposed Section-144 and even implemented it when people where sleeping and were unaware of the said developments. Tear gas where shelled on children, women were manhandled, there was utter and complete violation of fundamental rights. And a case of “rioting” is registered against Baba Ramdev for doing a peaceful protest. This is a gross rape of our democratic ideals and total misuse of law making institutions. Today I feel ashamed of calling myself a citizen of this Government.

This truly reminded me of some other Congresslilas done both recently and in past history. Today’s incident was totally reminiscent of the emergency days for those who lived through it to tell the tales. Section-144 imposed, peaceful protestors dragged away like cattle, without slightest care for a woman’s sanctity or a child’s helplessness. This is gross murder of the voice of the people, just like what Indiraji had once done. Making a mockery of the pillars of freedom for nearly a decade in the false pretext of pursuing a “greater good” is indeed one of the worst lilas of this maligned political party.


A bright example of another Congresslila shines upon us when we are reminded of its deliberate delay in hanging that sick Afzal Guru, who once planned an attack to kill MPs transcending across political parties, keeping him in jail without giving him his deserving punishment, just to save their “secular” image in front of people, hoping they will forget that bloat of December 13th, 2001. You let the Khalistani terrorist Devender Singh Bhullar to be hanged just because that cause killed Indira Gandhi, but just because nothing happened to Sonia Gandhi, it doesn’t give you the moral right not to teach these terrorists a lesson.


And what Congresslila  can be more greater than the VIP treatment which the Congress Governments of Maharashtra and the Centre have been red-carpeting out to the lone surviving shameless human being among the horde of infidels and impotents who attacked the very heart of India, Mumbai, on December 26th, 2008. Rs. 45+ Cr. of taxpayer money has been already squandered to give security and comfort to someone who deserves nothing less than an insulting death, in the name of allowing “law to take its own course”. This is just too much to bear for those who lost their loved ones in those brutal 2 days. And who can we not blame it to other than this Congress government?


The Congress party is being totally blinded by power. With horrendous scams like CWG, 2G, Antrix-Devas etc. maligning the image of our country, I feel ashamed to see International news providers like Time and CNN-International discussing our country’s issues, wondering what they must be thinking about us. The old-school Britishers who left India unwillingly must be giving murky smiles saying, “We were right when we said Indians can’t govern themselves properly”. The party which once fought for our Independence using Satyagraha is not itself suppressing those, that too ones with causes for the betterment of our country.

Our money is being prostituted over feeding terrorists, giving people a chance not to work by providing them Rs. 2/- per Kilo rice and financing other politically motivated pseudo-schemes and  and now they are fighting who should be paying the bills, whereas Arabs of money are being stashed in unaccounted Swiss Banks, which if brought back into India can help reduce our own fiscal deficit. The money which belongs to this country, which belongs to us, the citizens of India. Money which can fund unmade bridges, under constructed roads and highways, provide work opportunities to the unemployed, schools for the uneducated; all of which are currently being financed with crores and crores of loan from the World Bank. And now, actions like this proves that we are not only world’s largest democracy, we are in fact world’s largest democratic farce.

When a crusader like Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev dares to fight against these evils, their voices are either contradicted or lathicharged upon. We have a Prime Minister who can’t take tough decisions and is bound by coalition-dharma, we don’t have a powerful foreign policy with the aim of making us a superpower by 2020, and now neither do we have the right to raise our voice against the most darkest evils plaguing our own society. In this writer’s opinion the incumbent Government has been cornered to such a desperate extent that it is unable to save itself and help are taking such actions to quieten voices which will now only sound more louder than ever. It is only a matter of time when this order falls to give place to the new.

I support Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev in their crusades, because they may not be perfect but they are fighting for a good and legitimate cause, to put an end to these Congresslilas, for good. Jai Hind!

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god devil said...

Luckily 4 u, u r a citizen of India n dis UPA is just an aberration in d history of India. I hav full support 4 whtevr u hav written here, Kasab jus needs 2 guys to protect 1 point at him, there standing guard, nythng happens shoot him, case of crossfire if ny1 tries 2 free him.

Infact d cops must b making huge money out of it. In ny case d only problem is tht Ram dev can't b a political leader, which kills most of d arguments. Otherwise 6000 cops is a way large no. of cops..