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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Confessions of your secret lover…

I think I love you

In your eyes I see promises,
of a future filled with love and care.
Yet you barter not a hint of that feeling,
When at me, with those arresting eyes you stare.

That vicious suave smile of yours,
wrecks havoc on my love-struck heart.
But you see none of my desires to have you,
and honour my life by making you its part.

You're more to me than just an alluring damsel
for in you I see my world being better.
Yet not a single chance you give me,
to win over your ensconced heart, to make it mine forever.

Is it fear or selfdom, My Lady,
That stops you from seeing my love's song flowing?
Do you not feel, when you look at me,
that exotic vibe of time slowing?

Every night you rule my dreams,
and rule my heart every conscious date,
And yet, your dispassion for my veiled advances,
makes me jitter, pondering over its chancy fate.

I wish I could profess my love for you
I wish I could make you forever mine,
As I write these lines with an ebbing fear,
of losing you to the tides of time.....


Pooja said...

Beautifully penned!

Unknown said...

Thanx Pooja :)

Swikruti said...

once again.......a masterpiece Pa! :) :D :*

nishi said...

awesome lines !!

Unknown said...

Thanx Nishi and Swik :)

Unknown said...

This is really good! I'm going to share it on my site called Say It Now. Check it out and feel free to add to it :)

Center Shocker said...

good writeup
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