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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Day at a time


When my soul takes life’s battering,
When all my dreams, my hopes, start shattering,
In your memories, your love, I find fortitude,
Your image still locked inside my fortress of solitude.

I find silence and calm even amongst the crowds wildest,
when I feel your face lying softly on my chest,
Holding you on to me, I gain strength immense,
But I feel weakened when I realise your absence.

Life without you has lost its taste,
Each day I spend to come close to death in haste,
And as I squander this life without women or wine,
I swear I will, in all future births, make you mine.

No poem, no verse, can express my love for you,
Without your grace, happy moments in life are but few,
Deriving strength from the love which was once all mine,
I keep surviving in this brutal world, one day at a time.


Debasis Samantray said...

nice one.keep on posting...

Pooja said...

Nicely written! Good job!

Prasannajeet Pani said...

Thanx Devsam and Pooja