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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Humility of Hope

The Humility of Hope

Hope, this single word is the driving force behind millions of lives in this vast and ruthless world. No one is oblivious to the power of this tiny word, this humble feeling. All of us, here in this world, at some point of time or the other, have hoped. We have hoped for success, joy, love and/or a sense of fulfilment in general. Hope gives sad faces a reason to smile, grieved souls a reason to rejoice, bowed heads a reason to rise and bound souls a reason to strive for freedom.

Hope is not audacious, it is a humble emotion which helps us dream, and hopefully achieve, something audacious. Just like a tiny flicker of light which is humble, yet it eliminates all the blinding darkness in its vicinity. The humility of hope gives us the strength to face the audacity of reality in this world. As great men have always said, On hope rests the world. Hadn’t we ever hoped to achieve something, perhaps today we would have been no different than the animals we ourselves are surrounded by.

When grief, failure, frustration and anxiety infiltrate our heart, a humble hope is always our preferred shield. Hope makes us forget the pain, makes us think beyond our swamp of negative emotions. Armed with this powerful sedative, we dare to dream, we start to feel sense in the ways of the world and see a path through it, we feel the courage to fight it out, to fight hard, fight dirty but fight. We dream of a better tomorrow, which I believe is vital for our survival.

Our heart is just a child. When it is plagued by a myriad of problems and daunting challenges, it clings to the only support that has always kept its beat alive, hope. When hope gives its support, the heart feels a sense of safety. Once our heart feels safe, our mind feels free, to work as per its judgements, without fear.

Some will say hope gives us a dream which is sometimes too unreal to be achieved. I say, its not the dream which is the result of hope, its the capacity to strive for achieving that dream by going beyond our prevalent challenges which is the greatest result of hope. Hope gives us a dream, and dreams give us a reason to live, which we all need. We all need a reason not to be angry with our lives, and only hope can give us those reasons.

We should never fear to hope, thinking it to be unreal. because today that humble hope might seem to be too unreal to be real. But tomorrow when that dream comes true, even substantially if not wholly, we all realise the vitality of hope. Without hope there is nothing we can do with our lives and with the world we live in.

But, just hoping isn’t the complete solution to achieve something. We need to act in accordance, so as to achieve that hope, that dream, from today, from now. And that act should not stop, not until we realise our hopes, as much as it can be possibly done. Hope should define our actions and actions should define our life. That’s the way it works.

The humility of hope is too complicated to analyse in this single writing. All I can say is that hope should be the last thing that dies in us. For hope keeps us alive, spiritually. As I said at the beginning, its our driving force. No matter what we do or how we lead our life, we cannot do without hope. This humble, and this innocent feeling is one of God’s many blessings that He has been generous enough to have bestowed to the whole mankind. On this Christmas lets thank Him for this vital sense and lets hope, that the coming future brings us better and more fulfilling times and blow away the problems that our lives are busy fighting today.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

Let there be hope, always.