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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Love and Survival

It is always easy when you have to choose between something you want and something you don’t. But the real test is where you have to choose between two things which you really want.

People say “We live once, we die once, we also fall in love once, we marry once too”. When our first love leaves us, no matter what circumstances may have forced it to happen, it leaves behind a void which conquers our once lively heart. We fall down in front of our own eyes and all softness in us vanishes away. Some turn stoic while some just are unable to handle it and go astray. Only a few are capable enough to fall in love for the second time.

A rather curious situation comes up when we see someone who seems to be, in every single way, “perfect” for us to say the least. Someone who complements our weaknesses and enhances our strengths. Someone who gives us inspiration. Someone who gives us a vision, a dream, dream of a better future, of a comfortable and understanding life. Our mind says “You need that person in your life”. However, our heart doesn’t feel for that person they same way it had felt for our First Love.

There, we ask the difficult question, “Shall we stay alone, this way, or shall we try to get that person in our life, apprehensive about the amount of love we can give and skeptical about what fate this thing may lead us and our lives into?”

Paulo Coelho once famously said, “When you want to achieve something, the universe conspires with you to achieve that”. But what if you are not absolutely certain whether you want to achieve that person’s love and commitment? The question, now, is that of living, rather I should more precisely say “surviving”. Answering the questions “What should I do?”, “Where should I go?”, “Will I do justice to that person?” becomes vital before taking any further steps. And questions like these plague our heart, stalling every logical and reasonable thinking we are capable of doing.

“Whether we should go ahead and get that person, just because that person is “perfect”, although we are unsure about everything, or should we subscribe to the age old theory of “if its meant to be then it shall be” and be passive?”, I leave this question open to you, for I have found myself incapable of finding a self-satisfactory answer to this question, even after lots of introspection, interrogation and observation……..

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