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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Government of Life

I was sitting outside the balcony of my BFF's home trying to explain her the general political structure of any country, and somehow our thoughts strayed into how to manage life as a Government manages a country.

I am writing down what I believe should be done to ideally Govern your life. I might be wrong in thinking in this way, but nevertheless I believe its a viewpoint worth debating and pondering.

Consider life as a country and you (i.e. the soul) are its Leader (read as Prime Minister, President, King, Emperor, Fuehrer as per your political views). You (hopefully) enjoy absolute majority in your Senate which have your friends in your side, your enemies in the opposition and few neutrals and peers who sometimes lend you “outside support” when needed or when they have to drive their agenda home.

As the sole controller of your life, on one hand you are entrusted the task of placating every single aspect of it, while on the other you are expected to drive it ahead into greatness (for those of us who want it). Aspects of life such as Friends, Love, Family, Spirituality, balance the effects of modernity with the sanctity of traditions, to name a few; just as a country’s administration has various “ministries”. Each ministry of your Life’s Government should be given to a Minister (read friend or relative inc. Family) who is fit enough to manage it, and capable enough to advise You on it. In an ideal Life’s Government, someone who never had friends cannot be your Minister on the same, no matter how much important he or she is to you. Not only your friends and family, but even your heart, your mind and even your “gut feeling” are your Ministers in the Government. Efficiently, cautiously and judiciously choosing each one of them, and assigning them befitting ministries will ensure that you give maximum to you life, while ensuring you keep that absolute control on it. While there are some ministries which you have to directly take control of. Draw the line between where your Heart should work, and where your Brain should take over; where your Gut should advice you and where your Best Friends. Also where should you bend towards your family and where you should take a decision entirely on your own. Also where to consult the entire Senate in your life.

Every Government has a Preamble, a Constitution and an agenda, same is with the Government of Life. Have an agenda, a target (both short terms and long ones) and a budget (of your finance and energy (physical and spiritual)). Sometimes, we have to compromise on our agenda and budget, to achieve a certain target. The decision regarding those should lie with you, but you should be sufficiently well advised regarding the same by your Core Group of Ministers (yes, you should have one). But always have a clear idea about where you have come from, where you stand and where you should go ahead. Also regarding which path should you follow.

Also a Penal Code to ensure no one, who tries to mess with your life with ill intentions and/or actions is spared. Just like a country jails someone or hangs someone, you should either reprimand or, if situation demands, cut loose someone when you believe he or she is acting contrary or even against your broader ideals of life. Have few special advisors as judges, who can analyse the situation and explain you in the way you can understand, while you deliver the final judgement.

We all know life is a war, and it has to be fought with much valour and resilience. Your actions and reactions are your Armed Forces, who will protect you, and even harm anyone for the same. Ideally, Your Brain should have the complete control over your Ministry of Defence and External affairs,  among others. Have a sharp eye, and a strategic contingency plan and have few of your Mansabdars whose control over “precious reinforcements” you can use as backup, to ensure that no matter what it takes, no matter who is sacrificed, at the end You win any battle you fight in the War of the World. Remember, if you losing too many wars, you risk abdication of your control of your life, throwing it into anarchy and letting nonsense prevail over years of efforts and good Governance.

When it comes to Internal affairs of Friendship, Love (I mean to point to Relationships altogether), have a Group of Ministers headed by the heart to ensure subjects like “Relationships”, “Celebrations” and “Festivities” are dealt with a wide range viewpoints and beliefs, for they require extensive thoughts and efficient, careful and sensitive Management.

An ideal Government of Life has no place for corruption and petty politics, as ultimately, it will lead to the instability of the entire Governing structure itself. Choose wise advisors, and train yourself to be able to take tough decisions, as and when required. The Weak have no place place in this world, as it follows the principle of “Survival of the Fittest”.

I hope my thinking makes sense to you, dear Reader. Live long and prosper.


Swaruparani Sahu said...

Fantastic way of portraying life as a govt...!!
I also feel delighted when you mentioned about spirituality twice in your post :)


maan i m very much impressed abt ur style of writing