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Friday, August 13, 2010

To face or not to face, that is the question……

Remember listening to a song and being reminded about a very special moment about your life’s first love and then suddenly getting reminded about the sour moments and the silly mistakes which led to your first relationship ending in a failure? While some people keep listening the song, just to relive that moment, that false impression or perhaps just to find that feeling once again inside them, others change the song, to avoid being  reminded about the life’s harshness that ensued them after this moment.

We all make mistakes, some we make just to know how does it feel to make it; like the kid who puts his hand on a burning candle just to feel how it is like, while some we make out of plain ignorance, or sometimes blindness.

Sometimes our life’s first innings, in any of the aspects, is the worst. But eventually the moment of truth comes when we have to choose whether to analyze that innings (facing the pain and embarrassment of making a mistake so that we learn from them) and be better in our forthcoming innings’, or not (instead try out a new formula to work our way in the 2nd and further innings, trial and error).

The question remains is how do we learn? Is it to convert our mind into a stoic machine, store all the detailed data regarding the incident and the lesson we learnt and take a oath not to to do the job “J” in path “A”, rather figure out a better path “B” and do it? Or shall we be emotionally weak, scold ourselves for screwing everything up. asking the “Why didn’t I see that coming?” question over and over again, and just try to forget it happened and “moving on”?

And what if we have a chance to undo that mistake??? (taking the risk of never learning how to overcome the shortcoming in us which led us to make it in the first place)

Personally I would choose the first option, become no matter how humble my opinion maybe (apparently), I always believe that a person becomes better only by learning and analyzing. After all we are the best creations of God (according to us of course), that’s why we have to behave like the best. And the best learn and grow.

No matter how dark the sin was there, no matter how silly we acted then, life always gives us a second chance to prove our mettle. Opportunities always strike the door, even if its not the same one the second time.

We are the authors of our own life, scripting our intentions, willingly or unwillingly, with the pen of our actions. We can never eliminate the mistakes we did, all we can do is learn from and be better, and most importantly, not regret the way of our life.

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