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Saturday, July 24, 2010

That feeling called Love

Love is like the wind, you can never see it, but its breeze always brushes past you, wherever you are. Love, is like the water, if you don’t keep it when it comes to you, it will flow away from your life. Love, is a mountain, to climb which is daunting but the end of the it gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Love is pain, which is sometimes needed for you to drive yourself past your own ability.

Love, is when you wish to hear someone’s voice and that person suddenly calls you. Love, is when your partner recognises your mood just from one word you speak. Love, is when your tears evaporate the moment you get reminded that person’s face. Love, is when he/she is there for you, even when you don’t need them.

Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. A true silver lining in the edge of life’s dark clouds.

For me, love is, a sense of companionship. A person whose face means happiness, whose words mean wisdom, whose voice means songs and whose eyes are like the deepest ocean which we all want to dive into. A lover is someone, whose very presence in your life, gives you enough strength to face any challenges, any expectations and any struggles, armed with confidence, conviction and conscience. Love is when you love your lover, and that’s all that matters for both of you.

Love can’t be thought of and made, love can’t be a decision, nor can it be a compromise. Being with someone in whom you see life is love. Love is an impulse, an addiction, a sense of being alive. When mountains can sing to you and rivers speak, that is love. When you feel at the top of the world when being with someone, that is love. And when a moment of separation is like 1000 crucifications and resurrections in tandem, that pain, that gloom, is love.

Love is like that glass, which when handled careless shall break into pieces, and will hurt you if at all you care to try to bring them back together. Friends, if you have love in your life, don’t let it go away, don’t take it for granted, and don’t show your ego to it, because when it goes away and you move on, one day in the far future you will look back those days, and when you realise what you’ve lost, it will hurt, a lot. A whole lot………..

Dedicated to all those mistakes I did in my life, which has now made me look back into the past and realise my loss.