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Saturday, November 21, 2009

India is always First for an Indian

“Mumbai belongs to India. That is how I look at it. I am a Maharashtrian and I am extremely proud of that, but I am an Indian first……”, these very words of the Greatest Cricketer of all Times, Sachin Tendulkar became the very centre point of a controversy which culminated in the attack on arguably the country’s most trusted media-house IBN. Shameful videos showing Shiv-Sainiks vandalizing the very Instruments of our Freedom of Speech not only made me conscious of what image the foreigners seeing it will be having of the country I love so much, but also made me lower my head in shame and made my eyes close on how our own people can do to our own country.

This is only one such incident of mobocracy in Maharashtra. When Shiv-Sainiks throw out people from non-Maratha background from trains and buses or when MNSians beat up people from Bihar to bar them from getting jobs in a integral part of India, it not only defies our Right to Freedom, it also deprives us from the moral Right to Opportunity every citizen should get from its Country.

It pains me to see people fighting over whether they are Maharashtrian or North-Indian, disregarding the the fact that regardless of whether we are born in Mumbai, Lucknow, Chennai or Bhubaneswar we all are the citizens of the Republic of India, we all say Vande Mataram, we all stand with our head held high with pride when our National Anthem is played. I am a born Oriya but I never say Bande Utkala Janani (Hail Utkal (Orissa) my Motherland) before saying “Jai Hind!” When a foreigner comes to our country, no matter where he is, he always says We are Indians. If he can see us bounded in a single string despite perhaps being in a world whole lot different from us why the hell do we differentiate ourselves on basis of region and religion?

When our Constitution was adopted, it began with the words, “We, The People of India….” . Mr. Bal Thackerey have you ever read the Constitution of the Country on whose soil you say that you are a Marathi? Have you ever thought that whether it was Veer Sawarkar or Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, all fought against the British for achieving an Independent “India“? Have you ever even wondered that because of the same bloody attitude you are showing now, the rulers of India had fallen for the Divide-And-Rule policy of the East India Company?

The turmoil through which the country is going through now, with naxalism and extremism trying to derail our Country’s sovereignty, She is asking us to be united, to raise our voice, as a People, against those who are trying to rip this Country off to fulfill their seductive fantasies on its soiled sanctity. This is a time for unity. In 26/11 an NSG commando named Maj. Unnikrishnan gave his life to save many Marathi people. That’s unity Sir. Did he care that whom he’s dying today might beat his family up tomorrow for not being Marathis? No he didn’t sir, he didn’t gave a damn about who the hell he is saving by taking that cursed bullet into his body. He simply gave away his life to protect Indians. How the hell are you able to close your eyes to these bloody facts?

I believe India is a country of all people. Our “Unity in Diversity” is our uniqueness. There’s no Country in the world who can say a billion people from different cultures, history and background have been knitted together into one single People, Indians! My earnest request to any Indian reading this article, please don’t give a damn where you are from when you identify yourself. India is always First for every Indian! And that’s where our Country’s greatness lies. Jai Hind!