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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Add any application to the Desktop Right-Click Menu in Windows XP/Vista/7 in four steps

This is a cool way of accessing your frequently used apps directly from the desktop without having to reach out its shortcut sitting somewhere in the corner of the start menu or inside your partitions.

Here I will show how to add notepad to the menu but you can add any application shortcut. At the end of this tutorial your desktop right-click menu should look somewhat like this:


STEP 1: Go the following registry key.



                  STEP 2: Create the menu item key name.

                  Create the key name 

                  Since we are going to assign a key for Notepad we will name it as such.

                  Rename it as Notepad

                  STEP 3: Create the command key.

                  To create the command key that will actually hold the command used to launch the application, Right-click on the new Notepad key, and then choose New \ Key from the menu.

                  Create the Command key

                  Name the key as  command

                  STEP 4: Enter the full path of the application executable.

                  Copy the full path of the executable file which you want to use.

                  Copy the path

                  Select the command key then double click the default key in the right pane to open up the value window. Paste the path as shown.

                  Paste the path as shown


                  brentgeren said...

                  Doesn't seem to work in XP

                  Prasannajeet™ said...

                  i tried it myself in vista and 7 but websites claim it to be workin for xp as well.........

                  ghack2k said...

                  Don´t work in XP... Already tested/tried! :-(

                  I need to make this work on XP, if anyone know how please share whith us!

                  There's a way with Resource Hacker but i want to do this with a reg key...